Why a “Lane Buddy”?




  1. Cut Rush Hour Commute Time By over 50% using HOV lanes if you hire a Lane Buddy.
  2. Get a Lane Buddy and do not get stuck with routine car pool rules and timings.
  3. Avoid the “Car Pool Guy” – “Never Available for important early or late meetings” perception at work.


Lane Buddy:

  1. Earn Extra Cash if you are between jobs but have time.
  2. Avoid getting stuck with your daily city transportation.

Lane Buddy – Sign Up to Save

Lane Buddy: If you want to reduce your daily commute by being in HOV lane all you need is text or call a ‘Lane Buddy’.

Lane Buddy is a service just like renting any service. You will pay someone to join you for your daily or one time commute and allow usage of HOV lane.

The Independent Contractor (Your Lane Buddy) will get paid as a contractor weekly and you will save time (which is money) to reach your destination faster while riding in HOV lane.

The Lane Buddy registration process will ensure you get someone with complete background check, who can be picked up close to your location and the time you need. Lane Buddy will allow independent contractors ( who could be retired, college kids or someone in job transitions) to make money while sitting in front seats of cars and enjoying the ride in HOV LANE.

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